Joseph Kibbe

is an experienced corporate finance professional with more than 25 years of hands-on fiscal management. He has helped lead several well known companies—including Verizon Wireless, Westinghouse Digital Electronics, Hitachi and Foundation 9 Entertainment. Mr. Kibbe is a skilled negotiator who focuses on strategically reducing costs and systematically improving the bottom line for all of his clients.


  • Business planning
  • Valuations, mergers and acquisitions
  • Daily dashboards
  • Flash reports
  • Key indicators and vital signs
  • Operational metrics
  • Costing methods
  • Sales team reporting and analysis
  • Monthly financial packages
  • Quarterly board packages
  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Finance department best practices
  • Risk strategy and management
  • Business process streamlining
  • Work flow design and optimization
  • Due diligence and audit preparation